Inspired and Artisanal Dog Family Home Decor

One of our favourite pillars, inspired artisanal dog family home decor plays a huge role in celebrating our pet parenthood.

Who isn’t a proud dog mom? Here at Wellthy Pets & Parents we strive to uplift and recognize dog moms everywhere. We pick out items that bring a smile to our face and know you’ll love them just as much too! 

Inspired Artisanal Dog Family Home Decor - Wellthy Pets

Inspired and Artisanal Products

Our dogs inspire us every day, to live in the moment, stop and smell the flowers, live and laugh more together. Who hasn’t seen that cute dog-mom t-shirt or paw-print picture frame and splurged because it made you smile?

We send items that are inspired by pet parents and made for pet parents; so you can proudly display your love for your pet!

Finding high-quality and unique artisanal items can be a long search. In fact, most of these items we could find at handmade markets or pop-up shops.

What do we mean when we say these words?

inspired /inˈspī(ə)rd/

of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse

artisanal /ärˈtēzən(ə)l/

pertaining to or noting a high-quality or distinctive product made in small quantities, usually by hand or using traditional methods


Dog Family Home Decor

Our homes reflect our family values and proudly display photos of our family members including our dogs. In fact, many of us have a dedicated area in our homes just for our dogs!

Finding home decor that suits our pet parenthood lifestyle can be a challenge. But we make it easier by sending seasonal items that celebrate your pets that you can place around your home with ease.

Inspired Artisanal Dog Family Home Decor - Wellthy Pets

Pillars of Wellthy Pet and Parents

In every Wellthy Pets & Parents box, we carefully select the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces. We promise you’ll love what we send as each item will reflect our changing seasons across Canada and our pride as dog moms!

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Each Seasonal Curated Collection is carefully selected for both you and your pet.

Inspired Artisanal Dog Family Home Decor - Wellthy Pets

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Inspired Artisanal Pet Friendly Family Home Decor


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“We both want to wish you and your dog(s) abundant health and happiness for many years to come! Puppy kisses and hugs xo”

— Charlene and Serena the Rescue Dog

Wellthy Pets and Parents

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