Eco-Friendly Sustainable Dog Toys

Let’s face it. As pet parents we love gifting all kinds of toys to our dogs… But they’re consumable items – meaning once destroyed they go directly to the garbage and eventually to the landfill. As animal lovers we’re also planet-lovers so why not take care of both? Here’s what to look for when shopping for eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable dog toys.

Eco-Friendly Sustainable Dog Toys

Eco-Friendly (Being Green)

So what does “eco-friendly” mean? It literally means earth-friendly or not harmful to the environment. How can a dog toy be more eco-friendly? The first way to reduce waste as a dog-mom is to repurpose and craft your own dog toys with household items such as socks, rope, and old rags.

Look for the Green Terms

Consider recycling your dog’s old toys whenever possible. Once you get familiar with which toys are recyclable it gets easier to find new ones with eco-friendly materials such as natural fibre, biodegradable plastic and recycled rubber. Look for terms such as reusable, rechargeable, biodegradable, compostable, recycled, eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable.

Eco-Friendly Sustainable Dog Toys - Wellthy Pets

Eco-Friendly Sustainable Dog Toys

In every Wellthy Pets & Parents box, we carefully select an eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable dog toy so you can spoil your pup while contributing to a greener planet for future pet families. Doesn’t that sound and FEEL good too? We couldn’t agree more!

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