Aromatherapy and Essential Oils for Dogs

Aromatherapy and essential oils for dogs play a huge role with living an abundantly healthy and happy life together. As pet parents we KNOW how much emotional support our loving dogs give us on top of the health benefits from an active lifestyle. So how can we do the same for them?

Essential oils are an ingredient in many natural health products, specifically for their medicinal properties. But did you know they’re a great natural alternative for dogs too?

When formulated for animals they offer both health benefits and emotional support for our dogs as much as they do for us as their parents too!!


Aromatherapy and Essential oils for Dogs - Wellthy Pets

Can using Aromatherapy beneift Dogs?

So what is Aromatherapy? Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being.

Also called essential oil therapy, both practices use aromatic essential oils medicinally to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit. It enhances both physical and emotional health for everyone including our pets. Aromatherapy can be a safe and effective alternative treatment for our furry family members.

Other benefits include the prevention of motion sickness, regrowth of fur, boosted immune systems, and mood elevation.

Essential Oils can they be used on Dogs?

Essential oils can be a powerful tool in your dog health care toolkit. Used properly, aromatherapy oils can help lessen your dog’s stress, activate memory and more naturally.

They can also reduce inflammation, fight infections by prohibiting bad bacteria, keeping fungi and viruses from overgrowing and to soothe muscle aches and pains.

Just remember that essential oils aren’t the same as fragrance oils or perfumes. Typically, fragrances contain synthetic chemicals like solvents, stabilizers, UV-absorbers, preservatives, and dyes. Pure essential oils only contain plant extracts.

Are Essential Oils safe for Dogs?

There are two methods of using essential oils safely and effectively: topical application and inhalation.

Pure essential oils are highly concentrated and can be inhaled or topically applied but MUST be diluted before using on animals. 1% or less of an essential oil single or blend is effective for dogs. A highly diluted product allows you to control the amount and frequency needed for the desired result.

Essential oils are often antiagents: antiviral, antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-insect, anti-toxin, anti-venom, and anti-anxiety effects offer a viable alternative to prescription drug approaches.

How do dogs inhale Essential Oils?

There are many ways in which we can use essential oils and diffusion is one of the best methods. Allow your dog extra time to get familiar with essential oils by diffusing in a large space. You can control how much is used and for how long when using a diffuser.

In every Wellthy Pets & Parents box, we carefully select an essential oil formulated for use with dogs as well as accessories to use them care-free around your home and pets.

Check out this definitive guide to pet aromatherapy and list of essential oils and potential benefits to consider when using them with dogs and cats.

Aromatherapy and Essential oils for Dogs - Wellthy Pets

Using Essential Oils Topically

Apply essential oils by petting and massage your pet. Animals are sensitive to essential oils, so using a diluted essential oil is a priority. Enjoy our pet-friendly essential oils right out of the bottle with peace of mind!

In every Wellthy Pets & Parents box, you’ll receive a bottle of pure essential oil for aromatherapy use OR a diluted topical version to use with your dog.

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Aromatherapy and Essential oils for Dogs - Wellthy Pets

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