About Wellthy Pets & Parents, Charlene and Serena

A message from Charlene and Serena (the Rescue Dog):

A Little about myself …

Do you remember your first pet? I’ll never forget mine. The experience of becoming a “mom” to a little kitten when I was only 6 years young changed my life forever. And I’ve ALWAYS had a dog or cat in my home ever since…

My personal bond with animals has deep roots, stemming from having numerous family pets, babysitting (only if they had dogs too) as a teenager, to volunteering at the humane society in my twenties, fostering rescue animals in my early thirties all while having my own dog and cat at home.

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When I met Serena, the Rescue Dog

Pet parenthood has always been and will always BE the centre of my world. My passion, love and connection with animals of all kinds continues to be the source of my spirituality, healing and purpose in life.

While I’ve always adopted my animals, it wasn’t until I rescued my dog Serena (or should I say she rescued me?) that I understood the significance of being a “dog-mom” and how important it is to recognize those of us that care for our dogs as family members.

A tribe of dog-moms …

Who of us dog-moms WOULDN’T sacrifice an arm or leg to give them a longer, healthier and happier life? The joy, loyalty, love and emotional support our dogs bring to us on a daily basis is unconditional and priceless.

Serena came to me at just the right time when I needed her, and after years of searching for the right one. Someone once told me that our pets adopt us as they’re guardians of our hearts and home; and I couldn’t agree more!

Spoiling our dogs with the highest-grade food, pure filtered water, organic treats, premium supplements, seasonal clothing, cute accessories, and fun toys (the list is truly endless!) is how we return and reflect back their abundant love and happiness as parents.


Charlene and Serena
Charlene and Serena

About “Wellthy” Pets and Parents…

I founded Wellthy Pets & Parents with this core concept in mind. Our pets are family members. And their health and happiness becomes entwined with our own. We share memories, experiences, emotions and routines every day together. This connection and bond with our pets is indescribable yet we all know it so well.

Living in Niagara, Ontario, Canada I’ve also come to learn that seasonal supplies, essentials and home decor change with each season. Each collection (box) is designed to reflect our beautiful spring, summer, fall and winter seasons. And in every subscription box, each item is selected based on its magnification of abundant health and happiness, for both us as dog parents and our dogs.

Serena’s crucial role …

And lastly, each curated collection is sniff-tested and approved by my baby girl and rescue dog Serena. She loves helping and participating in everything I do so I’ve aptly promoted her to Quality Control Manager of our growing team. With Serena’s promise of happiness and satisfaction you can rest assured you and your pup will love the surprise of opening each seasonal box and discovering new products together.

Charlene and Serena

“We both want to wish you and your dog(s) abundant health and happiness for many years to come! Puppy kisses and hugs xo”

— Charlene and Serena the Rescue Dog

Wellthy Pets and Parents

A value-packed quarterly subscription box of high-quality items for both dogs and their parents to enjoy.

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